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We will strive to provide Assistance, Support & Answers with the utmost of compassion.

What we do is free of charge.We do not accept payment for our services.

If you would like additional info, or are in need of help, regarding unexplained activity contact us at -

Attention; Maida C. Soto-


Prospective Client, Please Note;

I realize this will be a bit time consuming, However, in order for you to get the proper help / assistance you need, it is in your favor that you have some type of documentation. Such as a Record in a journal or log; Day - Date - Time and Event! Be sure to include as much detail as possible! Attach all documents, photographs or any additional Item you have collected in the home during the time of occurrence of these events.

Investigators will need this information to help decide many factors. It does not hurt to seek medical advice for the individual going through it as well. I know this is hard to do but it helps that you or persons being affected be cleared of any medical conditions.

Additionally, very rarely will clergy assist you without the proper  documentation. So it is good to gather some as soon as you can when you notice things going array, in case that help is needed.           

Always remember it is your house, Stay strong, stay positive & feel empowered, you need to Claim your Home back from what ever it is you are experiencing.





  MEMBERSHIP for New Team Members-

For the Hampton Roads Team-  Newport News, VA  Area   

Applicants must be dedicated and able to Investigate, research and Travel. Those interested in becoming Investigators/Staff should forward a Resume or Short Description as to your interest in our group and provide a photo to the e-mail address below. Your request will be reviewed and you will then be contacted shortly thereafter regarding your membership interview. There is no membership fee. 

Attention; Maida C Soto-


Current Membership open for:


  •  Tech/Ops Leader
  •  Team Photographer
  •   Team Historian


   Please note the following mandatory requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have a clean criminal record
  • Must be drug free
  • Must be alcohol free when investigating for PARA-HRVA
  • Must be able to travel as needed
  • Must be Professional and maintain a decent appearance while investigating
  • Must have a good working knowledge of Paranormal Investigation procedures
  • Must be willing to follow PARA-HRVA Protocol and guidelines for Investigations
  • Must have a valid and in good standing driver's license
  • Must be willing to participate in ongoing training
  • Must be able to attend scheduled meetings  
Please list special qualifications (if any)
Please list previous experience investigating the paranormal such as places investigated and/or teams you have been associated with (If any) 
 You will be asked to give permission to conduct a criminal background check : 
***If you have a background in military and/or a government position please provide info***






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