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Case Manager ~ Independent Investigator ~ Historical Research 




I have always been haunted with paranormal activity since childhood. Within the past 10 years I Finally had the time to fully explore, research and study to try & find the answers I have been searching for. I look forward to meeting & helping anyone who is seeking to understand unexplained activity within their lives or surroundings. I will strive to provide assistance , support & answers with the utmost of compassion.

My background is in over 27 years of Property Management as a Regional District Manager, was born in El Paso, Texas and have a home in San Antonio, Texas. Other places I have called home include Jacksonville, FL and Columbia, SC. I currently reside in Newport News, VA.  I attended St. Mary's University, Texas where I studied Applied Economics / Management, and Theology. Among other Independent  studies.


That which we hide away within our mind eventually become the demons that haunt us...





 Maryanne Blankenship 


Assistant Case Manager ~Asst Investigator ~Historical Research 

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Stephen Tighe

~ Investigator ~ Historical Research ~ Tech


Stephen has been interested in the paranormal and conducting investigations since 2009. He enjoys using a variety of hi-tech and experimental equipment to capture paranormal activity. Stephen is retired from the US Army and continues to work for the Dept of Defense. He has a passion for traveling and exploring historical locations.







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