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Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux



Paranormal Activity Research Alliance, Hampton Roads VA 


Founded for the Research of Paranormal Activity

Founded in 2006- Formally para-ccsc midlands


We are a serious group of Professional and Analytical Individuals from assorted Backgrounds, We are Bilingual and with Diverse Beliefs, dedicated to Technically and Spiritually Investigate Paranormal Activity. The investigating would consist of Detailed Historical Researching, properly documenting all data and activity; including Audio/Video recordings, additional use of Technical / Engineering equipment, searching for a Logical explanation . We do not claim to be experts in the field, we are only students in the Science of the Paranormal & Unexplained Experiences.

All information gathered will be strictly confidential. Any information you provide is kept absolutely private, we do not and will not publicize any information, we will not sensationalize any event or series of events. We specialize in mostly extending our help to Individuals & Private Homes/Businesses. We believe you are our priority and the reason why we provide assistance.

  Our work is conducted in a professional manner, we will provide you with associated legal waivers and with copies of our findings. we are here to help you substantiate your experiences & find you the help you need. We are a non-profit organization based solely in a Technical approach and we only strive to provide Assistance, Support & Answers. 


What we do is free of charge.We will not accept payment for our services. All expenses are covered  by Members, Sponsors or Donations.